Life's not fair..................

It's really not! I have all this fabric, all these incredible pre-cuts just sitting in my living room and I can't have them!!! I keep telling Clint which jelly rolls, layer cakes, and fat quarter bundles that I want and he just says - you don't have time and we can sell these!

So, when you are debating on whether or not to make your hobby your business, think twice - seriously because it becomes your business and your hobby seems to be put in the "I don't - you don't have time -" zone.............. Or, think twice before you put your husband in charge of buying fabric, he get's a little controlling. Don't worry, I love the man like crazy, but come on, what's a girl with out her own fabric stash? My stash is getting smaller and isn't growing and believe me I am not happy about it.

Have you seen Lilly and Will? I have, it's sitting right here, staring at me - my baby is a boy and this would be perfect - but it will sit here until it is shipped out to our lucky customers who don't have someone reminding them about their lack of time. I so want this in a layer cake and jelly roll, and we have some. It was funny because yesterday I told Clint that I would pay him for the fabric and he said "Our money is the same." I just can't win. I will take donations though, if you want to help me. Just kidding of course, but please, go and buy our new September pre-cuts and make something out of them, then send me a picture and I will enjoy looking at your pictures and your chance to make your own project!

Help me!!! I need to create! I have plenty of drawings and new designs on paper, but my sewing machine is tucked away, and just waiting for me. I will have time someday right? The husband and kids take most of my time, the quilting takes the rest right now and I am really trying to figure out how to just get more, but don't worry I wouldn't change being a full-time wife and mom first with anything.

Just in the nick of time we were sent a free sample of fabric and it's boy fabric, so free fabric equals - It's all mine, like the cheesy grin? I don't, but I am happy to have a little something right now to add to my diminishing fabric stash.

Oh, go and get some jelly rolls, we have a ton of them on sale for $26.95.
August 10, 2010 by Judi
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