Life Happens........

Today was like any other day, except Micah decided to trip on a shoe while running to turn off the dvd player and gashed his head into the corner of the tv cabinet. I took a picture of the wound, but it makes me a little queasy, so I won't be showing you. It was about an inch across and about 1/4 inch deep, all the way to the bone. I failed in the reaction area, I was freaking out telling Clint we need to get Micah to the hospital. Crying was involved as well, not so much Micah, but me.
Thankfully I have an awesome friend Janae who was over here at our house in minutes so Clint and I could take Micah to the hospital.

This stitching is an amazing technique, I figure I am good at stitching but I would never trust myself to do this. I tell you, it was really hard watching my little guy go through this.

Micah really did well, he screamed when they gave him numbing shots, but then he just relaxed and held Clint's hand (I couldn't watch, up close at least) and fell asleep. He didn't move at all during the stitching and we were so proud. The doctor's and nurses were amazed because they didn't have to sedate him.

The final product, 3 stitches inside and 8 on the outside. What an event, please let's not do that again. I am not the calm parent at all. Clint was remarkably calm and just enjoyed watching the whole thing, must be a Dad thing.

All better, Micah got some string cheese and he was great. Slap a band-aid on and there you go. I really don't want to have to do anything like this again, but I figure since we have kids, odds are something else will happen in the future, just not the near future I hope.
November 18, 2009 by Judi
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