Lazy and cheap girl's pillow revamp... sort of tutorial ;)


So, my couches are brown, and I like them (even though they are brown) - but our pillows were dead and needed some sprucing up.  I went to a few places just to buy pillows because Clint said I would never get to making them myself.  I took that as a challenge, especially when I priced out the pillows I wanted and the cheapest ones were $20 a piece, the ones I really wanted were $40 bucks a piece. I have six pillows, but I wanted to add six more because we have two sectionals in our family room and there is a ton of room for extra pillows.  So, I went to Joann's and picked out some gold suede and some tapestry fabric for the pillows - thankfully they were both on sale for 40% off.  Then, I checked out the pillow forms.  Holy crap - I had no idea that pillow forms were like $12-21 bucks.  Shocker - no way was I going to spend as much on the pillows as buying them already made.  So, I went to good old Walmart - don't judge - you know you go there too - and I bought their queen size firm pillows for $5.98.  I bought 6 pillows and ended up with 12.  Read on if you want to know how.........

Since my pillows were dead and I was covering them anyway - I cut a slit in the fabric of the pillow and the pillow from Walmart.  Then, I took some stuffing from the Walmart pillow and stuffed it into the dead pillow.  Lovely - I didn't even worry about closing this baby up because you know that in a few months I am going to have to add more stuffing into because even though the kids know they aren't supposed to play with these pillows - they will.


So, I cut out a 16 1/2 inch square for the front of the pillow. Then I cut out 2 rectangles 16 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches and sewed an edge on one side of each rectangle. Then, I placed them right sides together - pinned them in place and sewed all the way around the pillow. 


Then I turned the pillow right sides out. 


Put the newly stuffed dead pillow inside.


And there you go - quick fix for the old pillows.


The before picture.

The yummy tapestry fabric.

Same technique with the tapestry - then I took the remaining Walmart pillow, I didn't even bother to sew it shut, and stuffed it into the new tapestry pillow I made. So, there you have it - two pillows out of one and that makes the pillow forms only $3 bucks!


Then, of course I had to get a rug to tie it all in. I love little fixes that make rooms more lively, and I especially love it when Clint loves that I made the pillows myself! Told you I could do it, Honey!
April 26, 2012 by Judi
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