Kyoto Gardens finished!

Okay, so this fabulous quilt is called Kyoto Gardens from the book, Stellar Quilts by Judy Martin, found here. Jan pieced this quilt and took a little liberty with the design and added borders and things that she wanted for her master bedroom quilt.  It is a beautiful design and quilt that I had a lot of fun quilting. The quilt is around 94 x 104, so it is big.
I love this center part of the quilt.  I had a lot of fun playing in this area.

This is one layer of batting, Hobbs bleached 108 wide cotton. It worked out perfect for the quilting and for the size of the quilt.

I used Glide thread and bobbins for the thread on this quilt.  I had two thread colors, Cream and Military Gold.

There was a lot of ruler work, so I used my A1 ruler and my favorite disappearing purple marker to make the designs come to life.  Those items are found here.

You can see in the above picture that the outside cream borders were different sizes, but I wanted to be able to have the same quilting all the way around the quilt.  In the bigger area, I added a few more lines and details, but a few squares in - that way the design could flow better.  I hope that makes can see how the design gradually becomes bigger.

I used the pieced squares in the red border fabrics to come up with the on-point square designs.  I think it worked out perfectly.

I have to say I did have a lot of fun with these border treatments.  I allowed the piecing to do the talking and filled in the rest with quilting designs that fit the quilt.


I love how the corner design makes a geometric heart shape.  Just perfect!

Here's another look at the quilting detail on the entire quilt. 


I have to admit, ruler work is hard, time consuming and sometimes just plain old boring!  But, the end result is always worth it and I am so happy with how this design worked out for this quilt.

The stars look so amazing, not a lot of detail, but just enough lines and fillers to make the piecing stand out.  I always want the piecing to shine and have the quilting just add to it without taking away from it.

Ahh, that texture is so amazing! I love it!

Jan also made two pillow shams, this is going to be an amazing set up on her bed!

Okay, I hope you enjoyed that quilt.  It really was a lot of fun quilting - now on the next project!  I am also getting ready and excited for my classes in Paducah, I hope to see you there - info here. 

One more thing, my books and dvd's are on sale and the sale ends todayish... be sure to order yours if you haven't had a chance yet.

August 11, 2017 by Judi
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kay durham

kay durham said:

gorgeous~! love the texture! looks like one layer batting? batting details please:)

Joyce Moody

Joyce Moody said:

Just absolutely gorgeous! Would love to be able to do this creative work of art! Is there anyone out there that can this? Even a scaled down version since JUDY doesn’t have time to do commercial quilting?


Betsy said:

Judi, you have such a great eye for choosing the right quilting designs that will enhance the quilt you are working on!! This one is just fabulous and what texture you were able to bring out with your quilting!! I’m sure that Jan is ecstatic with the results and can’t wait to get it on her bed!! Beautiful, beautiful job.


Sue said:

You are such a stud ??❤️


Pat said:

Absolutely stunning! Would you quilt mine?


Alma said:

I would like to purchase . Kindly let me know how much the quilts are for .


Trudy said:

What fabric line did you use?

Karen Allen

Karen Allen said:

Love this quilt as well as the as the quilting on it. Do you have a pattern for it?

Shirley Brand

Shirley Brand said:

I have this quilt kit the directions are awful Ihave tryed for days now to get the block thats goes around the interside to have the points come together and can not do it. Sure would like somehelp. I have the book. I have made alot of quilts and this one has me a nervous wreck. HELP

Kate Darroch

Kate Darroch said:

Am I able to purchase the pattern for this quilt.

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