Kimberly Einmo's Quilt, my first 2013 finish!

Yeah, that's right - Kimberly Einmo, can you believe she asked me to quilt a quilt for her? I'm still pinching myself. Every time I showed this quilt to friends and family while it was on the racks, I pulled out Kimberly's books and showed them how awesome she is. She is an author, teacher and quilter extraordinaire! This is her design and she is offering a class on this quilt called "Modular Quilting" at the National Quilt Museum Retreat.  You can sign up for her class here.

So this quilt has two layers of wool batting.  It was the first time I used two layers of wool, and it proved to be a little difficult at first because of how bulky it was, but it turned out great and I am pleased with the results.

I have a few pictures in the line up, so I will try to keep the words short and sweet.  I used #2003 Magnifico thread for the white areas and a silver metallic for the blue fabrics.

I think the funnest part about this quilt was that I took each piece of white fabric that would normally just be a background fabric (not a focal point) and made it its own design.

Simple, but so pretty!

Okay, take a look at the diamonds in the center star block - I love them, but trying to free motion quilt at that angle was almost impossible. But, it keeps it real, right? not perfect ;)

This is the diamond quilting in the square block - tough, but worth it!

A theme in this quilt is 1/2 inch - I wanted to set designs out by leaving a 1/2 inch border. I love how it looks in this block.

The long rectangle strip section to the left of the star block is my favorite part of the quilt - no joke!
Holy cow!! - don't you just love this texture? It really is hard to give these quilts back.

I really love the pebbling in this quilt - it is fun to see how I have improved over the years with pebbling. It is just proof that practice really does make a difference - so all you newbie quilters out there - keep it up!

Half inch theme that sets the heart off perfectly. I also quilted along the fabric design in the heart which worked out great. I love being able to showcase fabric.

I love these diamond blocks ;)

I kept the quilting in the blue fabric simpler than the white to give balance to the quilt.

When Kimberly first shared this quilt with me and asked me to do some modern quilting on it, the thought came to me that I should pull the block designs out into the white borders - with no rhyme or reason as far as where the blocks should be quilted. So, this is how it turned out.

The border background quilting is awesome - and since I am slightly crazy, I went for difficult as far as marking is concerned - totally worth it though ;-)

The best part of this quilt, I never got tired of it. It was something that I had never done before and I was always excited to work on it. But, I guess having a Christmas season and a very sporadic quilting schedule can make that happen. This quilt took me 50.5 hours to complete. Well worth the time I sure. Thanks for letting me share!
January 04, 2013 by Judi
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