Just keeping busy.

I am trying really hard to be organized so that there is time enough in the day for kids, husband, designing and quilting. Does anyone know how to create more time? I am in need of it.

This is one of my customer's quilts. I loved how it turned out.

Another quilt, and I think it was one of my personal favorites to quilt. The quilting design came together so nicely. Don't laugh too hard at the feathers in the picture below, this quilt was my first attempt at doing feathers. I think I kind of like it, and I am not so scared to do them anymore.

Do I even need to explain why my back aches all the time?

I can't complain too much. Since I have been quilting so much I have developed some arm muscle and I kind of like it.

May 19, 2009 by Judi
Tags: Quilting
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