Jen's Quilt

Jen's quilt in her words -

The quilt patten is from Carol Doak's book, Mariner's Compass Stars. The pattern is the Fire and Ice quilt that is in the book. I modified the quilt slightly by reducing the star featured in the middle and added it to the four corners of the quilt instead of a solid square that the pattern called for. I began making the quilt in a class taught by the queen of paper piecing, Carol Doak herself at the Lowell Quilt Festival in Lowell, MA.

Most of the fabric is Timeless Treasure's Jacobean Arbor line which I've had for a few years now and is hard to find at this point. The rest is mostly Mark Lipinski's Elements line with a few additional blenders added in.

Here you can read about when she finished the quilt top.

Okay, from now on - I will be sure to get all the details of the quilts I quilt before I post about them, I should have done that already, but sometimes I just get anxious to post then end up having to find out and answer all the questions coming about who's quilt, where to get the pattern, etc....
Anyway - Jen's quilt! She did a marvelous job on this quilt and it was so fun to work on. I used So Fine thread from Superior Threads, and this little quilt took me 13 hours to do.

Since I took these pictures at night, I couldn't get the right coloring in all the pictures - but I did some swirls with circle filling for the turquoise fabric - that was very time consuming, but I love the effect it gives the quilt.

This coloring is much better and you can see the awesome effect of the quilting in the green - also time consuming, but worth it. I love it! I just marked the quilt with a disappearing purple marker and I used my 9 inch ruler to do the rest. It worked out so nicely because of how well Jen piece this quilt. It was very straight.

Okay - the back - I love it! I can't tell you how fun it is to take a quilt off. Every time I pull off a new quilt I get a huge rush of satisfaction knowing that "I did that." It really is so fun to quilt!

Well - another quilt finished, another one to get done. :)
February 05, 2011 by Judi
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