It's working...

the schedule that is! I got this quilt done last week, sorry I can't show you more. Plus, I already have another quilt on the racks and it is halfway done. Add in the mix two new designs, one already pieced quilt top and one ready to cut out and you might say that structure is the key to getting things done!  I wish I would have figured this out a long time ago.  On top of everything quilting I have had time to clean my house, including my bathroom (wow), do laundry, play with the kids and have a movie night with Clint every night.  So, it's looking up and I am happy with how things are going this year. 

I failed to tell you that I have a less active role as far as orders are concerned and I am thankful to my sister for helping with that - it has made it so I could do the quilting and designing that I love to do and more importantly be with my kids.  So, as far as balance, this year has been great and I hope to keep it up throughout the year.

One more thing, I wanted to thank all who donated towards our Charity - it has made a huge difference and soon we will be able to share Clint's trip and what your donations help with. I am not going, nothing is wrong, but Clint and I decided that I would go every other year - well, that was more my decision because I know he would love for me to come.  I am just the worry wart mom who doesn't like to leave her kids too often. I am sure you know the feeling ;)

Well, have a fabulous rest of the week and I will keep you posted on my progress!    
January 17, 2013 by Judi
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