It's official! I am finally a fabric designer. Introducing Curated Blooms!

Welcome to my part of the Riley Blake Virtual Quilt Market. 
Curated Blooms by Judi Madsen for Riley Blake Designs
  I feel like this post has been a long time coming; sixteen long, but dream filled years. With any dream it takes hard work, persistence, and determination.  I have loved being able to quilt for the past 20 years and creating a unique quilting style that has been mimicked throughout the quilting world, as well as designing patterns and writing books. This dream of designing fabric has always been in the background - until now.
Curated Blooms by Judi Madsen for Riley Blake Designs About a year ago, I finally made this dream a reality by taking a class on Adobe Illustrator.  I have used the Adobe Illustrator program for years for writing my patterns and it's a little, okay, very - difficult... 
Taking this class gave me the courage to draw up my designs and make continuous patterns for fabric printing. I am happy to say that I am so much more confident in digital design, but still learning. 
Curated Blooms by Judi Madsen for Riley Blake Designs
I now had the courage to turn my drawings into digital patterns. I just needed to submit my designs to a manufacturer for a possible partnership.  Riley Blake Designs happened to be the perfect fit for me, so it was a pleasure to submit my portfolio to them.  Their team absolutely loved my fabric designs and the quilt patterns I designed to go along with each line.  
I signed a contract with them in August 2023.
Best day ever!
Curated Blooms by Judi Madsen for Riley Blake Designs
So, without further ado, I give you "Curated Blooms." This collection is a fun and beautiful combination of hand drawn flowers, swirls, and all things pointy. The colors of blues, greens, auburns, and creams are so delightful together. 
Curated Blooms by Judi Madsen for Riley Blake Designs
Each one of these swirls, flowers, and pointy things were meticulously drawn out and manipulated by hand to make a digital image version of my pencil drawings.  I now have full appreciation for the amount of hours it takes to bring a fabric line together. The above fabrics are the "main prints" in the Curated Blooms Collection
Curated Blooms by Judi Madsen for Riley Blake Designs
It is hard to choose a favorite grouping in a fabric line, but I REALLY love the leaves. This fabric will definitely be a beautiful low volume option.  
Curated Blooms by Judi Madsen for Riley Blake Designs
The auburn, cream, and midnight damask prints are also a favorite. 
Curated Blooms by Judi Madsen for Riley Blake Designs
These are the "Dance" prints and I love them as well.  With my advanced cuts, we missed the "blush dance" print.  However, it will be with the fabric line when it releases in November 2024. 
Curated Blooms by Judi Madsen for Riley Blake Designs
The "on-point" and "mosaic diamonds" are perfect filler designs. 
Curated Blooms by Judi Madsen for Riley Blake Designs  
 What is fun is that I've designed 6 patterns to go along with the fabric.  All of the designs will release in November with the fabric. CrissCross is one of the designs that I have quilted up already.  It was difficult for me to quilt without a lot of detail, but I love how It turned out.  
 Once I have all of these designs pieced and quilted up, I will be able to get these patterns available, so stay tuned. I will keep you updated through this blog as well as my social media pages - @judi.madsen
Curated Blooms by Judi Madsen for Riley Blake Designs
I love sharing the backs of quilts, and this is no exception, even though it's a bit scarce on the details, lol. 
Exciting things await and November cannot come soon enough!  Please let your local quilt shop know that you want "Curated Blooms" with my pattern designs available. Also, I have the precuts and yardage available for pre-order at Green Fairy Quilts here
Thank you so much for your love, support, and encouragement throughout the years. I'm thrilled to be able to share my journey with you. 
April 29, 2024 by judi madsen
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Tracy G.

Tracy G. said:

Congratulations! What a thrilling journey!

Susan Rothrock

Susan Rothrock said:

Waiting for November will be hard! What a terrific line of wonderful prints in lovely colors. The patterns are fantastic too! Well done! I can hardly wait to get my hands on them. Keep up the great work.

Davis Susan

Davis Susan said:

I am so excited for you. Such a well deserved feat you have accomplished. Your fabrics are beautiful.


Danette said:

Beautiful! Your fabric and patterns are wonderful! Congratulations on this new achievement.


Shauna said:

Gorgeous!! I bought the Gypsy Mama pattern a few weeks ago and I can’t wait to put it together with your fabric line. I’m so impressed with your talent! Congratulations on all of your success!


Cathie said:

Congratulations! So excited to get these beautiful fabrics! Great job!

Bianca QuiltAquilt

Bianca QuiltAquilt said:

I knew there was a reason I follow you…..

Absolutely gorgeous the fabrics and the amazing quilting.


Katie Bock

Katie Bock said:

Absolutely beautiful fabrics & Congratulations! I’m so happy for you.


Roxanne said:

Congratulations! Your fabric is as stunning as your quilting! So very happy for you and wish you a lifetime of success with both avenues!


Candy said:

I’m so happy for you sticking to your plans and not allowing someone to distract you from your dreams. Your hard work has paid off and your dreams are coming to fruition!


Amy said:

To make Crisscross, would a fat quarter bundle work? Wanted to pre-order. So pretty!


Cheryl said:

Congratulations! Your collection and the accompanying patterns are stunning! I’m looking forward to adding them to my “to make” list. Green Fairy Quilts – here comes another order!!!

Judy White

Judy White said:

Congratulations! Your fabric designs and patterns are all beautiful!

Ann Cargile

Ann Cargile said:

I love the fabric!!!! And I can’t wait to get the Blooms pattern and the fabric to go with it!!!!! I am sure you are on top of the world with your accomplishments……

Laura Williams

Laura Williams said:

Congratulations Judy. You are an amazing woman and inspiration. I’ve been a huge fan since the early days when you and Clint recorded that first YT video and I still watch it and your AQSClasses over and over.

Gayle Fischer

Gayle Fischer said:

Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to you!!

Jeanette Mercer

Jeanette Mercer said:

beautiful fabrics! Congratulations and I can’t wait for November!

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