It's late, but it's still Saturday for me, the winner is....

I will tell you who the winner of my quilted bag is, but first you have to check out these chubby arms. Have you ever seen so many rubber bands around one little baby arm, let alone two? I thought this was too cute to pass up and took a picture of my baby's arms.
I got home from California and I am exhausted and sun burned, but it was well worth it. I am excited to be home and get to piecing again. I have several quilt projects to do and my sewing machine is sitting on my kitchen table just waiting for me to turn it on. It had a well deserved rest while I was gone, but that won't last because starting this week I will be piecing like crazy.

Anyway, I am sure you are all wondering who won the bag right?

Louann won my quilted bag in the random drawing.

Stacey won a quilt bag kit because she had the most referrals to my blog.

Thank you to all who entered and better luck next time. I have my "Quilted Bag" pattern available here and the "quilt bag kits" available here.

I have a favor to ask? To all you who have purchased my "Quilted Bag" pattern, please email me the photo of your finished project, I would love to see what fabrics you use for your own bag and would love to post them.

Have a wonderful weekend!

February 28, 2009 by Judi
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