It's finished!

I finally finished quilting this bright quilt.
I had the quilt in the machine for a week, it took me roughly 23 hours of non-stop quilting, add in the sore back allowance and breaks and I was standing at this quilt for over 30 hours.
Why such bright colors?
I am entering it into the HMQS Quilt show and the theme is Pump up the Color. These bright squares are definitely full of color. I have a booth at the show as well, so if you are in the Salt Lake area May 7-9th, come and check my booth out!

I alternated the squares by quilting the outside of the flower and then the inside of the flower. This gives the quilt a 3-D look. The pictures don't give it justice. It looks amazing.

The green flower block took 15 minutes (Clint timed me) and the yellow flower block took about 10 minutes. I averaged all 80 big blocks at 12 minutes and came up with 16 hours. Then the outside small squares took 5 minutes each and there are 76 blocks that took 6.33 hours.

Here's a picture of the back with the front. I personally like that back more because I am not a huge brights fan, but it's my reversible quilt and I love it! The only thing I wish I would have done was use three more thread colors, but then I really never would have finished. I used over 6400 yards of thread on this quilt!

I only need to trim, iron, bind, put a sleeve on and then I will be finished. Any volunteers?

I think I am going to call it "Pumped Up Flower Patch."

I would love any better name suggestions!

March 18, 2009 by Judi
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