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With most of my quilts, I design as I go.  Sometimes it works out perfectly, and sometimes I am kicking myself because I wish I would have done something different.  Because of the way I design, I have to take a break from my projects and work it out in my head before I do something drastic like "quilt what I can't take out." That would be awful.  Truthfully - I can't and won't ever take out my quilting - there's too much of it.  


So, when a plan works out and I love what I am quilting, then I can move forward knowing exactly what I am quilting.  This takes a huge amount of pressure off me and then comes the fun part of quilting a quilt.  

So, that's where I am at - the fun part where I know what I am doing.  Thank Heavens for that! 

April 16, 2012 by Judi
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