If wishes were fishes.....

............my quilting machine would be working properly right now. But, it's not - this is what I finished before I walked away this last week and took a break from quilting.  Oh, I haven't stopped doing things, does life ever slow down?  Probably not.
I am pretty sure Monday will be the day I get it all figured out with the machine.  That's the plan anyway. 

It is simple quilting, but oh so pretty.  I can not wait to finish.  It has been killing me to not work on it.  I have been productive this week, so that makes the break from quilting okay.  
I finished up the instructions for my newest quilt pattern Just Call Me Modern? - it was fun to figure out and the pattern is easy to follow and full of color.  I have it available in my shop as a paper and pdf pattern. I have pre-sold this pattern and those orders will be shipped out on Monday.  Those who would like to order now, please do.  It is such a fun quilt.  I also included instructions on how to draw and quilt the square motif throughout this quilt.  You can see all the quilting details on this fabulous quilt here

Well, have a wonderful weekend.  What's left of it anyway.  I plan on getting a little more done next week, but then enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family.  I hope you are spending time with your loved ones during this wonderful time of year.
November 23, 2013 by Judi
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