I don't cook - no really.............

I don't cook!! But I have been coerced into realizing that I must cook. The family has gone way too long with horrible food. Seriously - I should start a blog with all my failed cooking adventures. I just don't love to cook - I can follow a recipe, but it takes so long and I am completely uncomfortable in the kitchen. I would rather be quilting!!
Anyway - my super talented sister-in-law Shan was in town this past week and put together a meal plan with 15 easy meals that I can rotate through so my family has a better variety of food choices. So - this week I have made three different dinners - successfully. YAY!
With a plan it wasn't that bad - I picked out what to make and I had all the ingredients because Shan created a shopping list from her website, printed it out and we went to the store armed with the best deals and price matched the items to keep the cost down. You can read about our adventure here.

So - this incredible yummy sauce is the Wingers Sticky Fingers sauce - I still can't believe that it was made in my kitchen - it is sooooooooooooo yummy! Shan has the recipe here.

This isn't a food blog and I don't have the best food pictures, but this was incredible - I didn't realize you could get completely full on a salad. I guess making good food can do that to you. I (we - my sister is here) grilled some chicken then put it into the sauce to soak up the flavor, then added the chicken to our salad. So good.

I am trying hard to be excited about cooking - Shan helped me realize that this won't go away - we have to eat every day and I might as well start enjoying the process.

On another note - so sorry about the lack of quilting pictures in a while - I have had to work on a few "secret" projects that I just can't share now. I will be getting back to the quilting asap! To all my customers - I will get your quilts done - no worries, but I need more time in the day!!! I feel like I am saying that way too much.
February 24, 2011 by Judi
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