Huge sale and the Green Fairy's name!

First things first, some shameless self-promotion. We have our Moda pre-cuts on sale here, so check it out. Get them fast while you can because the sale is only for three days! We have some of our jelly rolls and layer cakes as low as $17.50, that's the lowest price we have ever had them. Plus we got some new ones in like this and this.
Our Love U jelly roll is the deal of the week at only $25.95- I love this line!
Our turnovers are as low as $6.95, honey buns as low as $9.95 and charm packs as low as $5.50. So, go get some goods! Oh, and the best yet, any pre-cut pattern on my site, (I have five of them) are on sale for $5.00 - yep that's right just 5 bucks!

Get the cute Gypsy Rose layer cake for only $17.50 here!

So, now that I have the shout out about my website out of the way, and believe me it's hard to shout out about the business because Clint makes me! I just want to show pictures of my quilts and fun things I am up to, but we do have our online shop to run, so you will have to put up with a little bit of self-promotion. Anyway, I loved all the comments on the Green Fairy! I was so torn on what to name the doll because it will be the dolls name and also a name that will be an upcoming design - so I had to have one that I thought would work for both. I narrowed it down several times, but always came back to this name ---- Serendipity! I love it. So cute! Here's the comment and the winner:

how about something exotic like 'Seraphina' or 'Serendipity'.. it is a gorgeous doll...

Happy New Year to you!


So, Lissa email me your address at and I will send you out something fun!

Thanks again everyone for the great comments! More quilting pictures tomorrow!

Take care!
January 12, 2010 by Judi
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