How do you say goodbye to Paradise?


You cry like a baby all the way home and pray you will go back very soon!   First time in Hawaii (Maui) - and I know I am in love.  How can I put into words how incredible this getaway was for me and Clint.  I can't, but I will try........ 


So 10 years - it's crazy to think that we have been married for 10 years, not because it went by super fast, but because of how much has happened in 10 years.  Through the ups and downs, we have sailed through and are moving on to eternity.  I am so grateful that I am married to this incredible man - who bytheby went all out for our 10 year - I love him so much!  

Sorry if this post is a little sappy - can't help it - I am on a little high right now......


The resort we stayed in was so gorgeous.  There was a lot of inspiration here too - funny how I can always find a swirl that brings me back to my quilting.  


It was so green and beautiful - the flowers, incredible!   I can still smell the ocean - I don't think I will ever forget that smell, it was incredible.  


I have always been a sucker for trees - I think they are beautiful! 


A real life hibiscus - now that's gorgeous! 


Thankfully Clint has no qualms about asking strangers to take pictures with the two of us - I hate doing that, but I am glad we got a few people to snap some shots of us together. 


I have a new love for the ocean - I have only been to the ocean in the cold winter months and have only stepped along the ocean shore. What a difference warm weather, water and Hawaii make.  Clint got me in the water and had me jumping the waves too - we saw a sea turtle that swam close to the shore and whales jumping in the distance - it was so amazing.  I also found out that I actually float in the water (who knew) - we took a canoe trip and I got in the ocean with 40 feet of water beneath me - it was an amazing feeling until I remembered that I am paranoid about sharks.  :) Don't worry, I didn't see any........


It's hard to describe how I felt the whole time - I literally bawled like a baby because I looked around me at the incredible beauty that God has blessed us with, I was with my best friend and everything was perfect.  It was so nice stepping out of reality for a few days and remembering what is truly important - the love we have for God and each other.  


On our Anniversary night we ate at the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a - say that 10 times in a row :) It was a very romantic and the sunset was incredible.  


This is me laughing at our tiny dessert that we shared - this little piece of chocolate mousse was 14 bucks - holy cow!  It was also funny when we got our appetizer and entree's - I don't think I could eat there again because this girl is a little more, okay a lot more hungry than that....... 


Night time service at the hotel.  Seriously, the nicest people are Hawaiians - I have never felt more welcome in any place I have traveled to.  


All our food was fun and creative - I loved the basket of fries, the sandwich was incredible too.  


Heaven help me face the reality that is and remember the time I had with my man! 
March 24, 2012 by Judi
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