Help with my insanity!

Think about this - finding out about moving 2 weeks ago, saying goodbye to friends you don't want to leave, having to pack up boxes being big ole pregnant, and knowing that you will be in a new place when the husband leaves on a trip.

I'm a little stressed! But it's going to be alright. Just don't expect too many quilting pictures in the next week or so because I will be the one running around with my head cut off doing Clint's job - he does everything with the website and all the orders - watching the kids, and trying to get some quilting done. Not to mention I need to come up with a couple classes for a quilt show in June and the deadline is October 15th. Seriously - can there just be more time? Why can't there be more time - oh and mix that time with energy because I seem to be lacking it..

Anyway - it really will be alright, I keep telling myself that because I will finally get a studio - and a bedroom. Nothing to complain about there. Oh and I want to win this, but since it's my sister I probably won't win it! But go check out her giveaway because your little girl or granddaughter will want it!

Oh and here are some of my quilting pictures that I want to put in my studio......... some how, I will show you when it's done.

September 09, 2010 by Judi
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