Funny, Frustrating.........

I was chasing my baby around the house trying to get these bobbins away from him.

He is pretty strong for his age, once his hands are around something he doesn't like to let them go. Even Mommy had a hard time getting them away. I should just let him play with them, right? No, not a chance!

I did get the bobbins away, but I heard screaming and crying for a few minutes after. My sad little Jonah.

So, frustrating beyond frustrating. I was quilting last night and was using the quilters ruler for the straight lines. I took a small "cereal break" and then turned the quilt. I had three little blocks left to do and was feeling great that it was 9:30 pm and I was almost done for the night. Well, I lost my ruler. I looked everywhere, thought of every possible scenario of where it could be and did this for a straight 1/2 hour. I then told Clint to stop watching "The Office" and help me! He searched everywhere and couldn't find it, then suggested I feel the quilt to see if it was turned into it. I did and couldn't feel anything. So, to make a long story short, I searched continuously until 11:00 pm, never finding it and going to bed completely upset. Finally this morning Clint felt the quilt and the ruler was right there, folded into the quilt! Aggghhh! Craziness! Have you ever done anything like that? I feel like I am losing my mind sometimes.
October 01, 2009 by Judi
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