Flower Patch

Okay - every now and again I want to highlight one of my patterns. This happens to be Flower Patch - it currently sits at #1 on my favorite patterns list. This is the quilt where when I show friends and family, they say "Can I have it?" I look at them and say, um no - I don't think I can part with this one, but I have a pattern! Then, most of them say "I don't quilt." Well, since I have more quilting friends out in the blog world, I figured you would appreciate how fun this quilt is to make. And, since it uses 1 layer cake and 1 jelly roll of the same fabric line - it sure makes it easy to pick out the fabrics to use for the pattern.

I quilted this quilt with my allover free motion flower swirl - this was quilted a couple years ago, so don't mind the mistakes - I have gotten better since then.

This is an all pieced quilt pattern and it is so fun to make! If I were to make it now I would use "Sophie" because the fabric is the current favorite of mine!

I couldn't highlight my quilt without draggin' this little munchkin outside with me. He is almost 10 months old - I can't believe how time flies. I just wish he would grow some hair!

He currently scoots everywhere - he has no desire to pull up on his knees and actually crawl. He loves bananas, or any food right now. He loves it when Daddy has ice cream because he sure gets his fill on that. He is my most ticklish kid and he laughs more than any of my other kids, but for most of the time he is quiet. He is just content to sit in my arms and still lets me cuddle him.

He just recently discovered how fun it is to make Daddy crazy by trying to pull down FQBundles from the inventory shelves and he has been attempting stairs! Oh - the other day he discovered he could pull himself up in his crib, so each morning he stands there waiting with a smile on his face for me to come and get him. Did I mention I love this little guy?

He's on the move and these little hands won't be so little for very long. Oh, how they grow too fast!

And his big little feet are still munchable!

So, to all of you out there still reading this post and just dying to make this fun pattern you can get it here on sale for $5.95 for a limited time.

August 29, 2011 by Judi
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