Dragonfly is finished......

the never ending dragonfly quilting is done! Hurray! So - facts before I say anything else.......

Laura's quilt - she did an awesome job.
Quilt Pattern - Montana Feathered Star by Jackie Robinson of Animas Quilts.
Batting used - Wool Batting and 100% cotton batting.
Thread used - So Fine #'s 402,411, and 449 - yes, three thread changes, uggh!

Montana Feather Star Quilt

Okay - so this Montana Feathered Star is one gorgeous quilt! The piecing looks a little difficult - so beginners, maybe not the quilt for you - but WOW, isn't it gorgeous? Wish I could say I pieced the quilt, but Laura - she did a fabulous job piecing this beauty!

When I was figuring out what to do for this quilt, Laura (the owner of the quilt) asked me if I could do something with dragonflies because the black fabric used in this quilt has dragonflies in it. So - perfect. I had to draw up the dragonfly and make my own template and draw each dragonfly on with the disappearing purple marker. Everything else on the quilt is all free motion quilting.

I love looking at pictures of this quilt. I was ready to pull my hair out during the process because it took longer than I planned, but hey - that's how I work. The end result is always worth the work.

The feathers around two corners of the quilt were kind of a mistake. After I started quilting, I realized I could use up more space with a feather border. But, it was two late to go all the way around the quilt. So - opposite corners became the design, and I like it - a lot!

Straight stitching for the center star - I wanted that to be a focal point of the quilt and not take away from the design. I think it turned out great. The black fabric was simple swirls because you just don't see it because of the busy pattern of the fabric. The green star section is a mimic of the background in the cream background - except the dragonflies of course.

Feather love..........have I told you I love feathers?

Oh, some more - I could stare at this all day! The texture on this quilt was incredible too because of the two layers of batting. I ran my fingers over this quilt a million times.

A play with the contrast and you can see the quilting so much better. I love it!!

So, I had a thought - I have a lot of people approaching me for my templates and I thought maybe I would start offering them for a small fee. Here's the deal. I use cardstock for all of my templates. I don't bother with template plastic - it's just easier for me to use cardstock because I always have it on hand. So - what I have done is drawn out my template and put it available on my website as a PDF file. I am going to do this with all of my quilt templates from this point forward. So, as I come up with something - you can quilt it yourself. I also give tips and directions on how to quilt it. So - does $1.75 sound fair? What do you think? You purchase the PDF File here.

Um, my favorite corner of the quilt - seriously. I was really happy how this part of the quilting turned out. Me = totally happy. Plus, on to the next quilt - that's always a good feeling.
September 23, 2011 by Judi
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