Down and Out!! And some new products.

I haven't gotten too much done the past week because I have been sick. Aggh! Nasty old cold with the fever, aches and shakes! Luckily for me I have the best husband because Thursday morning last week I just couldn't get out of bed and facing a day with three rambunctious kids sounded quite scary. So without me asking, he got up and fed the kids breakfast, lunch and dinner; changed every diaper that day and got me everything I needed. What a man I have! Thanks Clint for making my life easier.
I was sure that I would feel better by now, but now the aches and shakes have turned into a terrible cough! I finally got back to the long-arm tonight, it's been staring at me since Wednesday reminding me of all the quilts backed up, but hopefully each day can get a little easier. Oh, and sorry for the lack of quilting pictures, I will have some soon.

On a happy note we got in some darling new Moda pre-cuts. I really want to make something out of everything we get in, but where is the time? I will leave that to you, so go and check out Botany, Cherish Nature, Martinique, and Hunky Dory, we have them in Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, and Charm Packs.
February 08, 2010 by Judi
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