Does this really happen?

Apparently it does. Clint and I went on a date and when we got home, I waited in the kitchen for our babysitter to get her shoes from outside and then all of a sudden I heard a huge explosion. I looked straight ahead and saw that the oven glass pane had completely shattered. I was the only one in the room, but the babysitter and Clint both heard the noise. We were all dumbfounded. Seriously, I stood there in shock, like "what the heck just happened?"
So weird. But apparently your oven glass panel can explode when you don't touch it. So, I am glad that the kids weren't up, so glad it didn't happen when Clint and I were gone - that would be a hard thing to explain as a babysitter - and glad I got to witness such a random thing.

Oh - and we have to pay for it - we have to prove that it's faulty for it to be covered - what's more faulty than an exploding oven door?


Emily's circus quilt - you can see more on her blog. I loved it! She always has fun quilts to work on.
August 28, 2010 by Judi
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