By Judi on 2012-03-15


 You know when you get an idea in your head and you just have to try it out?  Well, this is a result of an idea that I have been mulling around in my head for a while now.  So, add this to my works in progress list.  I can't wait to see if it turns into what my head can see......that remains to be seen.

Quick change to a different subject.............HAHA!
So, what does it mean if I keep having dreams about my teeth falling out?  Seriously - I can't take it anymore.  I have had several of these dreams lately - one that ended on a seriously funny note of my teeth getting sewn back in -- What's weird is my teeth ALL fall out - not just one, but all.   It's a true nightmare for me, but my dreams have been so crazy lately and the teeth falling out just takes the cake!

March 15, 2012 by Judi
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