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So, I got me a new camera - not the one that I am dying to have, I still can't justify spending a ton on a camera that I could (well probably) lose and one that doesn't fit in Clint's pocket when we travel. Who wants to wear a camera around their neck wherever they go? Apparently everyone else but me because they have dang awesome pictures! Anyway - a cool feature on the cheaper camera, I can pick out a color in any scene and make that the focal point of the picture - cool huh? I thought green would be an appropriate color for me ;-)

What am I thinking about right now is how the heck I am going to get people to go over to my group pool on flickr and post pictures of the quilts they have made out of my patterns. I don't even know if I have set it up right, but if you have a quilt you have made using one of my patterns - then please, please head on over, join my group and post a picture of it.

I keep thinking that I am out of the loop with the whole twitter, pinterest thing - do I need to dive in or am I going to get way less done if I add those to my world of distractions? Facebook and blogging have me pretty much preoccupied - so what are your thoughts? Yea or nay on the whole twitter, pinterest thing?

One more thing, I may or may not be finishing up the instructions to a super, super cute quilt I just did up - seriously, so cute! It's a revamp of an older pattern and I can not wait to show you! I am battling a little tinge of guilt because I quilted an allover swirl pattern on it. Clint reminded me that I am trying to show off the design of the quilt, and not the quilting. It's really a tough call for me when it comes to my designs. I just hope you like it when I show it in the next couple days - or tomorrow if things go right!
February 29, 2012 by Judi
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