By Judi on 2010-03-08

Okay- so I have been gone! We took a vacation and it was crazy, wonderful and I needed it bad. Bad news, I forgot my phone! I worried about it during the week, but realized I couldn't do anything about it. I just about have everyone called back! We went to Indio, California for a few days, then we went to Anaheim for a fun filled week at Disneyland. It wasn't our first trip to Disneyland. If you know Clint's family, you could call them a little obsessed with Disneyland, but it's all good. We are officially season pass holders, so this won't be the last trip. Here are some of the high-lights of my trip, granted I took way more pictures and video, but that could get boring!

My little Jonah! He cracks me up, still on the binki, but loving the game of tennis! Could there be a little Andre in our family?

I had a fight with a rose bush and lost. Clint insisted on taking a picture!

The fam at Huntington Beach! The kids loved it. I am just hoping to go to the beach some day when it is warm! I was a little nervous because the tide was way low and the Hawaiian tsunami warning was just the day before. Thankfully, no problems!

My Micah!

Lili- Always in the mood for a picture!

Jonah's chubby feet! I swear, he is the chubbiest little kid! I munch on him daily as any mother would.

At Disneyland the tulips and hyacinths were out! Hyacinths are my absolute favorite flower, they smell incredible and they are so beautiful! So, I had to take a picture and I have the smell logged up in my memory!

Clint and Lili in the cars at Autopia! The kids really loved this ride because they got to drive the cars themselves.

Me with Lili and Micah on the teacups. They aren't that bad if you don't turn the wheel.

I was in line for the Haunted Mansion and couldn't resist taking a picture of the iron work. This would be some awesome quilting! Everywhere I went I could see images for quilts, it was awesome.

I couldn't believe it when Emily showed up! What a fun surprise. She was in line behind us at the Haunted Mansion, so it was great seeing her! We posed in front of Splash Mountain, my favorite ride at Disneyland!

These are the grizzly bears in California Adventure! The kids had fun seeing the characters and giving them hugs.

The best parade was in California Adventure, it was the Pixar parade and they had all the characters and had bubbles floating in the air. Micah loved seeing Lightning McQueen, he loves that car and calls him "Weeteen."

Thanks for letting me share some of our vacation! I have a lot to do, so hopefully will be posting more pictures soon. I am just going to have to figure out how to do more in the day or night and learn how to stay up later than 12:00 am!
March 08, 2010 by Judi
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