Bring it On! The BIG 3-0

So - I was searching all over for a "good" picture of me, can't find it. Anyway - I am 30 today - I am saying goodbye to the 20's. Those years were so great, but I know the future will be even better.

Do I feel different? No - but I am scared that what my Mom told me about my metabolism might be coming true - "It's going to catch up to you one day," she has lovingly said to me several times. It could just be that I just can't control my love of sugar - anyway, I have some love handles that would have definitely been gone by now if I were......... say 24!

Thinking back - the 20's were the best of my life. I married my sweetheart, had four beautiful children and we managed to create a beautiful life together. We have had our ups and downs like everyone else, but I wouldn't change my life one bit because I feel so blessed. So, getting older doesn't scare me at all because I know that with each new stage in life brings more possibilities of love and laughter.

What's great about my birthday is that it is always right around Mother's Day - so Clint has to prepare for double! Ha Ha - but on that subject - I love my Mom and I hope that I can grow up to be half the woman she is - she's amazing - she can always lift my spirits and she encourages me to be the best I can be. She has been my #1 fan since the start of my quilting - although she tells people that she is 95% proud and 5% jealous - ha, ha! I love you Mom!

So - here's to all you Mother's out there and to me turning 30 - seriously - I never thought the day would come, but it's here and I will embrace it!

Since it's my 30th birthday and I will only be 30 once - we have placed a huge selection of our inventory on Clearance for 30% off! It will only be good for the 24 hours of my birthday. May 7th, 12 - 12 MST! Enjoy!
May 07, 2011 by Judi
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