Attempt at fashion..... HA HA!!

Okay - so confessions here - I quilt in my sweats - I have, now let me count.....................oh I think about 20 different sweat pants - Clint hates them, but I happen to love being comfortable - but mostly because my jeans at this point aren't comfortable. So, last night on a whim I decided to go and spend my spoils for some new clothes, and hopefully make myself a little more attractive to the guy working behind me. I went to Maurice's and the girl was awesome! I told her I knew nothing about clothes because I am a t-shirt and sweats kind of a girl and she threw several outfits together for me. This is one of them and I happen to like it - my jeans are comfortable - because they fit and the top with the sweater is nice. I felt so much better going out today! Anyway - long story short - Clint told me my shoes don't match - What? Are you the fashion guru? Don't you know I do this to please you - not me, because I would rather be quilting in my sweats.

So - what do you think? I like these shoes - first time I didn't wear running shoes or flip flops out - don't they match my outfit? Help me - I need validation!! Please?? ;)

Okay - so another part I have to confess about myself is that I don't know what my natural hair color is - I was blond growing up and I am going to be going back to those roots - well - I will have roots, but I will keep you updated - if you even care!

Well - thanks for listening! Phew - it felt great to get that all out!

Oh - and I don't want Clint to look bad - he did like my outfit - he just doesn't like my shoes - but I usually just hear the negative - I don't know why...........

February 03, 2011 by Judi
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