Apparently I work too much!

I can't believe Clint had to convince me to go and take a gander in Zion's National Park. I have so much to do and I put a lot of work on myself, but Clint made it perfectly clear this morning that I was going to have a good day and take time out with the family. I am glad I did, it was a beautiful day.

We had a fun time at this rock, the kids loved it, even I got up on the slope.

Me and Clint!

My little guy is so adorable, he really melts my heart and he can pretty much get away with anything because of his cute little face!

I will have to get back to quilting, but was glad for this little break. If you get a chance go and check out our deal of the week. We have our Nostalgia pre-cuts at clearance prices. Go and check them out here!
October 26, 2009 by Judi
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