Another finish...........

I am feeling good now with a few quilts finished and ready to be sent back to my customers. The baby deadline is creeping closer and I don't know how I am going to make every quilt deadline, but I am going to try. I really need to have a couple "quicky" quilts, but I don't. Custom quilt work is all I do and I don't know how to control my urge to just quilt everything! Help my urge! Just kidding, I enjoy it, but it does take a long time to quilt each quilt I put on the racks.

This is Beth's quilt. She is an excellent piecer - the quilt is totally straight - especially the triangles in the corners of the blocks - they matched up perfectly! It worked really well with the technical quilting I did in this quilt. A lot of ruler work, stitch in the ditch, and connecting lines. I thought this would go by super fast, but each row of squares (14) took me an hour and a half and that's without stopping (add in the interruptions - sore back and feet - and it took a while. I was able to connect all the straight lines and connecting lines without having to start and stop repeatedly. The more you quilt, the better you get at figuring which way to quilt so you don't have to start and stop over and over again. I love it - makes life easier.

Simple feathering for the borders and there you go! I love it!

Here's the back, I always love the back of the quilts! I used over 3000 yards of thread in this quilt. I hope you like it! And I hope Beth does too!

October 06, 2010 by Judi
Tags: Quilting
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