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So, it's so rare when there is an eclipse - and one that you get to see the Ring of Fire right in your back yard.  We had a ton of fun with the little monkey's last night getting our glimpse of this spectacular event.

Clint thought ahead and got us some glasses for our viewing pleasure.  We read about "fried eyes syndrome" and I made sure I freaked out the kids so they wouldn't look at the sun without the glasses on.  It is amazing how bright the sun was, even though it was being covered by the moon.


I should have taken some of my "freaked out" advice and not taken a glimpse at the sun.  It's amazing how badly I wanted to see the eclipse in it's full glory with my own eyes, but it was completely impossible!


Here's the older brother explaining the "shooting stars" that were going to come out - not sure where he got this idea, but he was pretty excited about the show in our backyard.  It was a 2 hour show that was so much fun for the kids.  I am so happy they loved it.  

Don't you just love the turned down pants and sizing elastics hanging out? :-)
This kid had no clue what was going on, but he did have fun walking around the yard and getting into everything.  Luckily it was bedtime at 7:00 - so, chasing him back from the front yard and away from the road only lasted for an hour. 


Clint figured out how to get a picture by putting the glasses in front of the camera lens and zooming all the way in.  We told the kids that a bite had been taken out of the sun and they loved that thought.  


Not all the shots were perfect, but with our glasses it was too, too cool!

Almost there!

The ring of fire! It was so amazing. When the sun was covered like this, the lighting outside was completely different and a little darker. The trees and grass looked so much greener and it was beautiful! Wow, I am so thankful for events like this and so grateful we can share God's beautiful creations with our kids. It was such a wonderful experience!
May 21, 2012 by Judi
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