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This last week has been a whirlwind kind of week.  We moved in a week ago this last Saturday.  The first night we just slept on mattresses, enjoyed the house on Sunday - then we went crazy on Monday and got the main floor to look like our home.  It has been hard going back and forth from our last house, not for Clint, but for me because I have been a little sentimental about it.  But, I am excited for our new home!  We plan on being here for the rest of our lives, so our kids will only remember this house I am sure.  
We survived the building process together and it wasn't that hard this time (we have built before) because Clint and I were really great at compromising.  I picked the colors of the inside of the house and Clint picked the outside.  I think both colors schemes worked out well.
This is our entry and I just love it.  We already had all the pictures and the clock so it was nice to get those on the wall. One of my favorite things about our house is our railing. The builders did a beautiful job.

Clint and I have been to Europe several times as you know and we wanted to give our home a little rustic feel to it.  The builders had this wall (as seen in rock) as only an indent and it just didn't look right to me at first.  Clint came up with the idea to have stone there and now I think it looks amazing.  The pictures on the wall are from Paris, Bucharest and Rome.  I already had the lamp but changed the shade to the fun teal design (target) and the lantern, plant and teal rug are from HomeGoods.

We kept our sectionals, but with all the brown I needed to add some color.  So......
I found this rug.  I love it.  It is bright and fun and fits perfectly in our family room.  I still need to find some hot pink pillows for the couch, but it is coming along.

Our dining area is fun.  The watermelon picture was an impulse buy.  I loved it when I saw it and it is the perfect bright color for this area.

The rug is from target and my curtains are from Lowe's.  I absolutely love each one of these, especially the curtains.  It is the perfect color and print.

I wanted a light kitchen, but I wanted the island to be a darker wood stain - the kids would have marked up the white cabinets while sitting there for sure. This was the better option, I think.  We are waiting for our other bar stools to arrive, so now the kids just fight over who gets to sit at the island ;-)

I found this fun little chair at HomeGoods.  It fits perfectly in our entry.

This last Christmas Clint bought me this Christus Statue. He is very thoughtful because he knows how much I love Jesus.  It fits perfectly in our little notch that leads to our room.  The rock wall accent is just perfect for this area. 

I still have more to share, but we are still getting up curtains and pictures in our other rooms.  I just had my machine moved into my studio today, so I will share pictures of the finished product as soon as I can. 

In the meantime, I will be getting ready for Phoenix! See you in two weeks! 

January 20, 2014 by Judi
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