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A Quilting Life

It is my turn for Sherri's Book Tour.  I met Sherri about 3 years ago when she had me quilt for her.  I looked back at some of the quilting I did for her and I really can not believe it has been three years.  The quilting I did three years ago is so different from what I do now.
Sherri is a very talented person and I am so glad that I have been blessed to know her.  She has pieced quilts for me, and I have quilted for her - now she has a book out and I will have one out soon.  I am so happy for anyone to succeed, but it is even more rewarding when it is someone you know personally.

A Quilting Life: Creating a Handmade Home is a special book.  Sherri has made cute projects that any quilter at any level would love to put together.  The photography in this book is fantastic as well. Also, I am a little attached to her book because of the fact that my quilting is in this book - and it is the first time that my quilting has been published in a book. So, when I opened her book and saw this page I gasped and got the biggest grin on my face.....
This is the project, "Pinwheel Picnic" and a CLOSE UP of my quilting is the center fold of the Table and Contents page.  So cool.

 This darling quilt can be found on page 50 in Sherri's book.

And, here it is! So cute!

So, Sherri asked to have me share some tips on having a handmade home, including some organizational tips to share with you all.  Well, I had to laugh a little at myself because I am so not organized.  Sometimes I think my brain will explode because of all that is going on inside my head with all the projects and things that I want to do - my family can testify to that.  As far as having my quilting things organized - well, I literally wait until my Mom comes to town and she reorganizes my threads and my cutting board area, not to mention she cleans out my fridge.  Thanks Mom - you coming soon?

The only thing that has helped me stay organized enough to accomplish what I want to with quilting is to be on a schedule.  It isn't always perfect, especially with our kids throwing the schedule off. But, the days where I quilt from 6-7 am, 1-3 pm, and 7:30-8:30 pm are the days that keep me on track.  I throw in as much piecing as I can during that time too.

So, one last picture - and this is proof that I am so not organized - this is the only picture I could find of about ten pictures I took of Sherri's quilt before I sent it back to her.  I have no idea where they ended up and I have spent the last two hours trying to find them on my computer.

   Anyway, the quilting is simple but fun.  I did a lot of ruler work on this quilt with quite a bit of reference marking. I used a white thread for the white fabric and I used a silver metallic thread for the colors.  It really was fun to quilt and the pattern is so fun. 

So, do you want a copy of this book?  Here is your chance to win a copy - just leave one comment telling me how you make your home a handmade home. Good luck! 

You will have more opportunities to win Sherri's book. Stop by Lissa's blog tomorrow.

June 06, 2013 by Judi
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