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I have had several people ask me how I am still quilting with my "Big ole Belly" and I thought I would show you how it has been possible - not comfortable - but possible.

As you can see in this picture above one quilt bar is in front of the other - or unstacked! When I moved to my new house - Jen told me that I needed to stack my bars and since she moved my machine - I just had her stack them for me. I am so glad she did!

So, here you can see the bars are stacked and I really can get closer to the quilt. There are positives and negatives to the stacked bars: loading the quilt is a little more tricky and there is a small gap at the end of the bars that I am not used too, but it doesn't affect the ability to quilt - it's just different.

So, there you go - I hope that answers some questions. I am sure I will go back to the unstacked bars once I am not pregnant - as long as Clint can remember how to get them back to their original position. :)
November 03, 2010 by Judi
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