8 months!!!

Can you believe my baby is 8 months old?!?! I hardly can. Facts about him: he is the best baby! Not kidding, he is so mellow sometimes I forget he's here. He just sits there while his older brothers and sister are screaming and fighting and enjoys the show. He has two teeth - two on the way - and even with all that teething he doesn't make a fuss. Seriously, the Lord knew I need a mellow kid because He realized I couldn't handle another hyper child! (Not that I don't love the other three and I don't have a favorite - wink, wink! J/K

Noah can also scoot anywhere, especially if he is chasing a ball! It is so cute, he gets up on his hands and arms and then drags his feet. He knows how to clear his throat with his mouth closed - it's a sound I make when I am clearing my allergies and a sound that my family hates - so naturally I love that he can do it already!

He smiles so quickly and grunts so loudly when he wants food and my new favorite thing he does when he eats is to breath loud and fast and holds his arms out until each spoonful of food goes in his mouth! I love this kid!

Well, 4th child and 3rd boy, I figured it was time to have crib bedding (oh and a real crib, not a Pack n Play). Wish I could claim that I made this cute set up, but I didn't! Grandma did - I do have the best Mom - I sent her the fabric, told her just to throw it together and this is what she came up with! I love it, and I think Noah does too!

I could just munch on this kid!

Here he is making that throat noise - mouth closed and everything. It's so funny! Glad I got it on camera so I can remember it.

My mom wanted Noah to be able to look at all the different colors and she added Ric Rac for him to play with - he immediately started to play with it - too bad he's flipping off the camera though. Sorry, I couldn't resist sharing that!

Get me out of here Mom and stop taking so many dang pictures!

Have a great weekend everyone!
July 14, 2011 by Judi
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