5 years - Anniversary Sale!

 We have been in business 5 years, we are celebrating with you by giving away free fabric in random orders and giving you extra discounts using the above code 5YEARS. Come and see what we have available in the shop, then come back and read my story of how Green Fairy Quilts came to be below! 
 5 years 
Okay, so 5 years ago today I had a 5 day old little guy - the huge 5 year old pictured above.  We had sold our home in the Salt Lake Valley, the U-Haul was packed and we headed 4 hours south to Saint George, Utah.  People thought we were crazy, I admit I was a little scared, but Clint and I had made a decision together to try to make a business work and live the dream of working for ourselves, so we moved forward. The hardest part about the move was knowing that we would not be around family.  We would have to rely on God and each other to make it work.  Looking back it was hard, but it was the best decision we have ever made.  We can look back and realize that it did work out.  It has been a lot of hard work and perseverance, but we are so happy to say that Clint and Judi Madsen's Green Fairy Quilts has been in business for 5 years.  I still can't believe it.
We have all of you to thank for being wonderful clients and customers.  All of those ladies who gave me a chance with my new longarm.  We are thankful to Moda and Riley Blake Designs for having beautiful fabric that we love to sell. It has been a long, bumpy road, but we are so thankful to all of you for helping us make it happen.  Thank you!

I am happy to say that I finally have the straight ruler I use for quilting in the shop, there is a limited quantity right now, but we have placed an order for more.  This ruler is amazing, I have used it for all of my quilting during the past 5 years.  I used it in this tutorial if you want to see for yourself how it works.   

Last, but not least - my book!  I wish I could say I have it in stock, especially with this day being our anniversary - but, it will be a few more weeks.  My editor informed me that because of staffing changes they have gotten a little behind, but are diligently working on my book now and it should be in my hands and ready to ship to you around the end of September/first of October.  So, please be patient with me as I am being patient with them.  I know a lot of you have pre-purchased the book and are anxiously waiting for it and I hope you won't mind waiting just a few weeks longer.

Thanks again to all of you!  We could not be in business without you!!
August 24, 2013 by Judi
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