Judi Madsen Collection - Glide 60 5,000m - Six Colors

$ 90.00 $ 63.00

Brand HabandDash

I am so excited to share with you my favorite colors and go-to thread for quilting.  I absolutely love the 60 weight thread and it was so fun to work with Fil-Tec (HabandDash) to make my own collection of favorite threads.

"I love using Glide 60 wt because it is the perfect weight thread for all my quilting - it's perfect for my dense quilting and it can disappear in my edge to edge quilting. It has the perfect sheen to it and I find myself going back to this thread for all my projects. The colors in this kit are my go-to colors - they can match or blend in any quilt."
- Judi Madsen

Filament Polyester Top Thread- No. 60

Glide 60 5,000m - 6 colors


White #10000
Cool Grey 3 #10CG3
Sterling #10877
Linen #10WG1
Cream #20001
Military Gold #27407