Quilting Makes a Difference DVD

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Brand AQS Publishing

When people see Judi’s quilting, they often ask, “How does she do that?” Find out from Judi in this informative class as she walks you through both traditional and modern free-motion quilting. One quilt design (included) gets quilted in two different approaches in this amazing class by Judi Madsen. The traditional approach includes feathers that are full of flow and design. The modern approach utilizes straight-line designs filled with fabulous details. Drawing the design is the first step, then marking the quilt so it is ready for free-motion quilting. Judi demonstrates exactly where and how to begin, walking through each step of the quilting. Learn how to make not-so-ordinary feathers, loops, double loops, a circle in a circle, swirls, pebbles, and other fills to enhance your quilts. Create one traditionally quilted piece and then one with a distinctively modern edge…all in one class! Quilting Makes a Difference DVD is the perfect solution for taking the class without having a computer, it makes a wonderful gift, and it is great to have on hand as a hard copy–even if you have taken or plan to take the online class.