You know you're a quilter when...............

...your kid takes your quilt to school for show and tell. (What a nerd)

...your kids' dinner place mat is your rotary cutting mat.

...your shower drain is clogged with thread, not hair. (Ewww!)
...your one year old's first word (only word) is "bobbin." have a different quilted bag for every pair of shoes. have made your own bra with fabric scraps.

...your little girl is learning how to read from your quilting magazines. have piles of fabric on top of the laundry. (that will never be folded) wake up with a needle in your hand. ...your vacuum stops working because the brush is full of thread. consider making a diaper out of scrap fabric. (That's a stretch) wake up at 2:00 AM with a great quilt idea. wake up your husband to tell him.
So how many of these are true for any of you? I know they're all true for me (well, most of them). My husband loves the last two. He's always the one that has to listen to my ideas, and pretend to understand what I'm talking about when I describe my next project to him.

I am currently preparing for my next great giveaway, I would show pictures, but it's a surprise. Stayed tuned and have a wonderful day!

February 18, 2009 by Judi
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